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In the Christiaen Lab, we aim to challenge, inspire and nurture scientific minds. We strive to identify broadly significant questions and ambitiously deploy a variety of state-of-the-art approaches to address them rigorously and fearlessly, using marine organisms, the tunicates, as primary research models.
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  • Basile Gravez (May 2016 – December 2019). AFM fellowship awardee.
  • Claudia Racioppi (September 2014 – October 2019). EMBO long-term fellowship recipient. Research scientist at Regeneron, since October 2019.
  • Alberto Stolfi (April 2012 - July 2017). K99/R00 recipient. Tenure-track Faculty at Georgia Tech., since August 2017. Stolfi lab
  • Florian Razy-Krajka (June 2010 - September 2016). Current: research scientist at Georgia Tech. Stolfi lab.
  • Stephanie Gline (January 2012 - January 2016), NIH F32 recipient; current: computational scientist.

  • Nicole Kaplan (Ph.D. Biology student, graduated 12/2017). Current: postdoctoral fellow, Christiaen lab (NYU)
  • Theadora Tolkin (Ph.D. Biology student, graduated 05/2016). Current: postdoctoral fellow, Hubbard lab (NYULMC)
  • Karen Lam (Ph.D. Biology student, co-advised with Richard Bonneau, graduated Dec. 2016).

  • Yusuff Abdu (M.S. Biology student, graduated 2011. Ph.D. from NYU Medical School, Sackler program, Nance lab. Current: Postdoctoral fellow, Shaham lab, Rockefeller U.)
  • Alexandra Ketcham (M.S. Biology student, graduated 2011. Current: Ph.D. candidate Columbia University, Tavazoie lab)
  • Yasmin Tayag (M.S. Biology student, graduated 2011)
  • Justin Le Lorier(M.S. student, Univ. Paris VII, France, summer internship 2010)
  • Marion Guéroult-Bellone (M.S. student, Univ. Montpellier, France, summer internship 2011)
  • Marine Joly (Université Paris VII, Master student). Summer internship.
  • Shashank Gandhi (M.S. Biology student, graduated 2015. Now Ph.D. candidate at Caltech)
  • Aakarsha Pandey (M.S. Biology student, graduated 2016. Now PhD candidate at Cornell U)
  • Ria Deshpande (M.S. Biology student, graduated May 2018. Now PhD candidate at UC Irvine)

  • Renee Marie Bogdanovic (undergraduate student, Dean’s Undergraduate Research Fund recipient, graduated May 2011)
  • Eric Siu (undergraduate student, Dean’s Undergraduate Research Fund recipient, graduated December 2011)
  • Katherine Kaiser (NYU undergraduate student, graduated 2013)
  • Kenneth K. Ng (NYU undergraduate student, graduated 2013)
  • Jonathan Lee (NYU undergraduate student, Dean’s Undergraduate Research Fund recipient, graduated 2013)
  • Yoon Seon Lee (NYU undergraduate student, Dean’s Undergraduate Research Fund recipient, graduated 2013)
  • Dylan Iannitelli (NYU undergraduate student, Dean’s Undergraduate Research Fund recipient, graduated 2014)
  • Maneesha Thaker (Barnard College undergraduate student)
  • Charles Surette (NYU undergraduate student)
  • Sonali Narang (NYU undergraduate student)
  • Anthony Filipovic (NYU undergraduate student)
  • Tanim Jain (NYU undergraduate student Dean’s Undergraduate Research Fund recipient)
  • Saahil Brahmbhatt (NYU undergraduate student)
  • Emily Huang (NYU undergraduate student)
  • Davis Looney (NYU undergraduate student)
  • James Ng (NYU undergraduate student). Current: Christiaen lab, junior research assistant

  • Alexandra Ketcham
  • Emily Salmon-Denikos
  • Eric Siu
  • Régis Lasbleiz
  • Kristyn Millan